Saturday, March 3, 2012

British art historian visits Dhaka - Mrdia news

Charles Greig (right) and host Waqar A. Khan at the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. Against the backdrop is the partial arched doorway of the Nimtali Deuri built in 1766.

Charles Greig, a known British Artwork historian, scholar, vit and extractor paid a recently available visit to Dhaka. Charles spent my youth in Photography equipment and visited school as well as University within England. Right after graduating this individual joined the actual fine art auctioneers, Christies.

Face to face with Bangla Drama actor Touqir Ahmed

Leading acting professional bangla drama actor Touqir Ahmed is respected by hundreds for their performance within TV performs like Bd drama “Rupnagar”, “Firiye Dao Arannya” and also, “Joto Dure Jai” along with several performances on the big screen.

He is another successful movie director for both tv and movie theater. Taking on imaginative challenges will come naturally in order to Ahmed, and he wants to be on the move for the rest of his / her life.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo exhibition by Sayeed Siddiqui - Bangla media news

“Glorious Pixels”, a photo exhibition by Sayeed Siddiqui, is now the spotlight of a trip to Dhaka Arts Middle. The display was inaugurated simply by Abdul Latif Siddiqui, Minister associated with Jute and Materials. Folklorist Dr. Ashraf Siddiqui, poet Belal Chowdhury and also physicist Latif Chowdhury lent how much to the present, adding an additional layer regarding prominence. Anwar Hossain, the particular renowned photograph artist, released Sayeed Siddiqui's “artistic venture into mild and color through the lens”.

Sayeed Siddiqui will be the chairman and developer of Pet cats Eye.

The particular exhibition, guaranteed by Group Cats Attention, is distribute among several rooms with the Dhaka Art Middle. The things of the photographer's attention are mostly portraits yet still life. This really is evident from the choice of his / her subjects within each image.

The pictures, each of them, are usually captivating not really because of the attractiveness displayed but alternatively due to the defects captured. The actual blemishes can be both hidden yet offered, striking the viewer instantly. There are inner thoughts being shown that are hardly ever frozen inside photographs eternally, ranging from pleasure to straight up distraught. The particular portraits are certainly not necessarily of the particular group, the professional photographer opting as an alternative to seize a myriad of heroes, from ravishing females, everyday people in order to artists as well as beggars. Each body, then, gets frozen a different memory space, a different feeling and in the end tells an extremely different account. Sometimes, the lack of reason helps to make the still even more interesting for that viewer. The actual realism as well as classical ambiance on the photos are quite skillfully executed incorporating another measurement to the clearness of the operates.

Two a lot more rooms supply a feast associated with portraits for your eye nevertheless the jewel within the crown is usually to be found in the collection displaying the particular still lifestyle photos. This is how the artists genius actually comes to the particular fore, while he crafts magical and tempting stories from the mundane. A skinny veil of secret also covers Siddiqui's still existence images, alluding in order to concepts current beyond the eye's capacity. While on the corner a simple flower bleeds in order to death, an additional nook shows a just-struck match up while the words of the designer begs for your flames, having the dangers. A lot more pictures show the wholesomeness of whitened while appealing the tricks of black. There exists a constant feeling of Yin and Yang and something can have a nearly palpable sense of the particular struggle among good and also evil displayed by the colors. Apart from that, the highest feature of these pictures, together with little quotes on the side, may be the infectious sense of melancholy permeating through each. A few also maintain morals, just like the composition from the wizened soldiers requesting an army associated with falling younger warriors, similar to the old guys who start struggles while the younger suffer from it. Although some pictures within this collection excite curiosity other people exude feeling of sadness trailed with a slight touch of desire. The concerns these photos bring up tend to be rhetorical in nature and also without any appropriate answer, with respect to the perspective from the viewer.

Sayeed Siddiqui's venture into digital photography isn't specifically unexpected as well as rather very welcomed being a breath regarding fresh air. “The arrangements are outstanding and the featuring is exactly since required,” Farid Hossain, a performer, gushed while experiencing and enjoying the works. The particular exhibition wraps up on 03 4, presently on display with Dhaka Art Heart from 3-8 pm hours everyday.

Tracing Forgotten Roots - Bangla media

Whenever my dear good friend Pradeep Bhattacherjee offered us a chance to devote three lengthy weeks outdoors Dhaka, I just couldn't say “No”. We travel from the city frequently but didn't have the opportunity or even the reason to pay an extended time period outside the city.

Pradeep had carried out an interesting task -- directing possible show called “Forgotten roots”, jointly created by Pillar Stage shows and Delta These types of, both positioned in London, British and he supplied me one of the most interesting placement, that of the actual host!

18th Young Art Exhibition ‘12 opens today - Bangla media

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) is holding 18th Young Art Exhibition '12 at National Art Gallery. The event opens these days at Nationwide Music as well as Dance Audience, BSA.

Communications Reverend Obaidul Kader will inaugurate the actual exhibition because chief invitee. Artist Hashem Khan as well as Dr. Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury, assistant, Ministry of Training will be existing as unique guests. Liaquat Ali Fortunate, director basic of BSA, may preside over the plan. Mohammad Anwar Hossain, director of a good Arts Section, BSA will provide the welcome presentation at the inauguration from the exhibition.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bangla media news - A Get together of Bangladeshi Motion pictures

Happy times delivered to BFDC (Bangladesh Motion picture Development Business) last Comes to an end, as Route i and also BFDC jointly managed a fair to be able to celebrate Bangladeshi movie theatre. Thousands thronged BFDC office space to add to the particular already joyous atmosphere with the fairthe fourth hit. Bangla media news

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Police to music legend: “You’re Bob Dylan?”/ World famous Singer Bob Dylan/ Some information of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Like a complete unknown.

That's how rock legend Bob Dylan was treated by police in one New Jersey shore community last month when a resident called to report someone wandering around the neighbourhood.

Dylan was in Long Branch, N.J., on July 23 as part of a tour with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp that was to play at a baseball stadium in Lakewood that night.

Long Branch business administrator Howard Woolley says a 24-year-old police officer was apparently unaware of who Dylan was and asked him for identification.

The singer wasn't carrying any, so police took him back to his hotel, where tour staff vouched for him. No charges were filed.

How did it feel? A Dylan publicist did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Police to music legend: “You’re Bob Dylan?”/World famous Singer Bob Dylan

Some information of Bob Dylan